Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11 Months Old

He's growing up fast, isn't he??? One month away from ONE...seems kinda crazy, but really, I'm okay with that. Time has passed quickly, although not in the usual way, it doesn't seem. With so much going on with Reed, we've been through a lot. But to think that's it's almost been a year already? That's wild.

Reed's come a long way. He's no longer on any medication, for either reflux or his bowels. Spitting up has almost completely disappeared, and he no longer requires bibs and only on a rare occasion does he need a burp cloth. He eats two bottles each day, one for breakfast and the other for bedtime snack, although soon his breakfast bottle will be replaced with table food. We still mix cereal in with his formula for no other reason than that it's routine. I'm not totally sure if he'd still need it, but we're okay giving it to him and he's okay eating it. :) He l-o-v-e-s to eat, and prefers table food over baby food (although he'll eat almost anything). He's growing like a weed, and my back feels it everyday.

Although the reflux has subsided, the attachment/separation anxiety phase is in full gear. He's especially attached to me (who isn't, really??) :) which makes things especially difficult around the house. Let's just say that the laundry piles get really really big and the bathrooms get really really dirty. And when he's angry, Reed cries like a teenage girl getting tortured in a horror flick.

Make that seven teenage girls.

And let me tell ya, that just brings out a mother's joy.

So here we are, one month away from ONE. Wow.

It really doesn't get much cuter than this (because he can't cry when he's sleeping!!).

Drew went through a two-day phase of wanting me to take pictures of everything. "Here mom, take a picture of this." Obviously very proud.

Getting crazy with the bouncy ball (all Dad's idea).

"Hmm, I haven't tried that yet..."

Dancing fools.


Future engineer. Note the concentration.

Getting more crazy with the bouncy ball (another one of Dad's ideas).



Laugh. Dance. Drew.

Watch out he comes.

Mr. Popularity. He gets more phone calls than I do!

I'm starting to wonder if I should be concerned about Drew's Lightening McQueen obsession, er, I mean affection.

This lasted about two seconds. It was a nice thought, though.

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