Sunday, February 7, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 5

We had a pretty eventful week here at home. We were lucky enough to have Grammy and Papa spend their first week of retirement here with us. They arrived on Monday, bearing gifts for Drew's birthday, and in return, we gave them a little present of our own. A little something we call "yuck in the gut." The 24-hour stomach flu. Yep. That dang bug caught all of us this week. Well, not all of us. Somehow, Brad has gotten away far, at least. Every time he seems to sneak by without catching whatever it is we seem to be passing.

I thought moms are the ones who aren't supposed to get sick?!?!

I'll write more about that three-ring circus later, but despite the unpleasantries involved with that, we enjoyed our week very much. Here's a peek!

We had a rough morning today. It included vomit, hysterics, and falling asleep on the bathroom floor. (Read the whole story here.) Little did we know, this was the beginning of the stomach flu making its rounds through the house.

Today began great, with Grammy and Papa arriving for the week, bringing Drew birthday gifts (including this new Lightening McQueen sleeping bag set). But our day ended with Drew becoming the stomach flu's second victim.

This is a favorite part of our day - books before bedtime. I cherish these moments. In a few years, these are the ones I will miss the most.

(I couldn't decide among these three photos for Wednesday - I may have to figure out how to include all three in my album!)
This is classic Reed - his primary comfort is his paci. And it's even better if he's got one in his mouth and one for each hand!

Reed is in the super-attachment phase (with me, in particular) and with Grammy and Papa here, his separation anxiety has heightened. He didn't want anything to do with Papa's open arms, so this was a shining moment.

Evidence that Reed is growing too fast. It was time to pack away his outgrown 12 month clothes to make room for size 18 month. I also began to rummage through summer clothes in preparation for our Florida vacation in March.

Shopping day with Grammy concluded with a hop, skip and jump through the JCPenney's children's department.

It's always a tight squeeze at our small kitchen table when we have company. I guess it's a good thing we like each other! :)

I was able to take great advantage of having my parents here this week to help with the boys. I enjoyed some much needed "me" time with my cousin, Megan, when we participated in a 14 hour scrapbook crop (well, we only scrapped for 13 of those hours :) ). It was and a much needed break away from my little men (and as a bonus...I was very productive!).


  1. Sorry to hear you were all so ill. Hope you are on the mend now. I had it on Saturday, and it's not nice!!

  2. Love your pictures, thanks for sharing.