Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life {Week 8}

 {Shhhh....don't tell my dad!  Luci perched herself by the front door after I had returned from getting the mail, and I gave her a few moments in the sunshine before I closed the door.  I think we're all anxious for spring!}

 {I got demoted. :(  I have clipped the boys' hair several times, but for some reason Drew opted for Dad's handiwork this time.  I'll try not to take it personally. ;)}

 {With haircuts like these, I'd say they're ready for summer!}

 {The dining room table has been a center point for much of our activity this week.  Lots of puzzles and lego-ing, as well as a round of Cootie and coupon clipping.  It's a good thing the table is as large as it is!}

 {Getting the wiggles out after dinner.}

 {First, the obvious - I swear this isn't posed.  Super cute, right?  Yep.  Second, the boys are totally in love with Tom & Jerry right now.  It honestly is the only thing that makes them settle down and be quiet for a little while.  My new best friends are a cat and a mouse.}   

{Brad and I took the boys to the Baby & Kids Expo at the Civic Center on Saturday.  We picked up some freebies, got some balloons, ate snacks, and got to pet some animals.  Fun times.}

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