Thursday, February 9, 2012

You've Got Mail

I've seen a few --- okay, several --- Valentine's Day ideas out on the ol' world wide web, and I'd love to do them all...someday...but for this year, I've introduced these:

I first saw these mini mailboxes used HERE, and fell in love {pardon the pun} with the idea.  I picked up these at the Dollar Spot at Target (seriously, I love those bins) and had originally only picked up two for the boys.  But then I returned and picked up two more for Brad and me.  I like love notes, too. :)  So the idea is this: each day, I place in their mailboxes a little note or a treat leading up to Valentine's Day.  It's not a big deal - just a little note to tell them one reason I love them, a printable Valentine I've found online, a Hershey's kiss, or some stickers - something that makes them feel good.  When the flag is up, they know they have mail.

I also let them know that it wasn't just for me to put love notes in; they could do it, too!  {How else was I going to get any love???}  I've received some (YAY!) but I also want to encourage the littles to give something to each other - a note or a picture they've drawn/colored.  Just a little something to say, "I'm thinking about you and I think you're pretty great."

It's always a good idea to share the love.

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