Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello, Home

Hello, Home.  We're so glad you're finally ours.

Well, we're here.  We're finally home.

And it feels so, so good.

The boys, Grammy and I left my parents' house on Monday, July 23rd, making the two day trek to Midland.  We made several pit stops, got stuck in construction only once, spent a night in a hotel (with the dog!) and pulled into the church parking lot Tuesday afternoon at 3:00.  Prior to our arrival we had learned that we wouldn't be closing on our house on Tuesday like originally planned, and it had yet to be rescheduled.  Darn underwriters.  So we anxiously spent the next two days waiting and waiting and waiting to hear when we could sign on the dotted line.  Finally, on Friday at 2:00, everything was official...and after I wrote the largest check of my life...she was all ours.

So very exciting. 

So, a lot has been happening.  Too much to recount every detail.  But all good stuff.  Really really good stuff.  Here's a glimpse of our last couple weeks.

 Hello, traveling lunch at a rest stop.

 Hello, new license plates (and driver's licenses and bank account and kindergarten registration).

 Hello, 749 piece puzzle that helped us pass the time as we waited to close.

Hello, super awesome group of church friends that helped us unload the moving truck in a span of three hours.  On a Friday night.  In the rain.

 Hello, sweet neurotic Luci, who just isn't quite sure what to do with herself.

Hello, lunch on our new deck in our new backyard.

Hello, delicious Edible Arrangement given to us by our new church as a welcome gift.

 Hello, beautiful sunflowers from our awesome new neighbors.

 Hello, video game time in our new basement.
{Oh, and Hello, Daddy whom we hadn't seen in many many days!}

 Hello, one last round of cards with Grammy before saying Good-bye. 
{Mom flew home on Monday, July 30th.}

Hello, nasty pantry....

...and good-bye!

 Hello, new park right across the street!

 Hello, first (of many) trips to Home Depot.

Hello, home improvement project #1...

...and #2.

 Hello, "Bobs Evans."  You make our tummies happy.

There's so much more to share.  I'm having a hard time concentrating on so many things at one time...home stuff, school stuff, summer stuff...and then blogging about it all!  Lots of little stories to share here and there, and missing out on many photo opportunities because my mind is on other things.  In due time, I suppose.

Hello to you, too.

We love you.

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