Monday, May 28, 2012

The Summer List 2012

As today/this holiday weekend is dubbed "the unofficial start of summer," and school is out for us around here, the guys and I have compiled our official List.

For the first time, I got a little input from the boys.  Drew was all "YAY!" for all of the ideas and Reed, just because he's Reed, was all "YUCK!" with every idea we talked about.  Punk rocker.  I would have to say that our list is pretty ambitious this year.  Our goal is not to cross everything off the list as completed, but rather to have an abundance of ideas to pick and choose from.  Some are things we've done for the last couple summers, some are ideas that have been on our list the last couple years but we have yet to accomplish them (third time's a charm?), and some are brand spankin' new ones.

{Why do we do this?  Cuz it's fun, really.  And because it gives us some intentionality and purpose in the extra, unstructured free time we'll have the next three months.  To review, we did Summer Lists for 2010 and 2011, as well.}

Here we go!

Craft Wednesdays

Fun Food Fridays

go on vacation

go to the zoo

visit the farm at Sibley Park

throw rocks in the river

go on a picnic

fly a kite

go to an outdoor movie/drive-in/theater {I'd love to take the boys to a drive-in, but we may not get the opportunity so a regular ol' movie theater may have to do!}

photo booth fun

go on a scavenger hunt

participate in the library's summer reading program

go to a Twins game

build a fort

backyard water fun

Kinect bowling tournament

bike rides

make homemade ice cream

vacation Bible school

swimming lessons

visit local parks

catch lightning bugs

write letters

play in the rain

Here's to a summer filled with sun, fun, and each other!

What's on your list???

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