Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello, Four

Look who's four today!

 The first words out of Reed's mouth after waking up this morning were, "Mom, am I four yet?"  And when I said yes, a very quiet but enthusiastic "YAY!" came from his mouth.

Yep.  YAY!  Four is going to be good.  I just know it. 

After yesterday's party, today was pretty low-key.  Our usual Sunday morning at church, followed by lunch at home.  Then it was time to open presents from Mom, Dad and Drew. (We did give him one gift yesterday at his party, too.)

 More enthused with the bubble wrap inside the box than with the gifts underneath it.  Typical. :)

 A new movie. {Disney's UP}

 Drew was just as excited, and animated, as Reed.

 Trio building block set.
And a few other goodies.

 We spent the majority of the afternoon building...

{even getting out the MegaBlocks

and Lincoln Logs later in the evening}

and then tested out Reed's new Kinect video game.

And as for the birthday boy's dinner of choice... McDonald's.  McDonald's.

OHMYSTARS where have I gone wrong?!?!

Joking aside, the kid is a McD's fan.  So his choice is no surprise, and given the guy is old enough to pick for himself, I had to let this non-Culver's-celebrated-birthday slide.  Maybe by next year he'll have come to his senses. ;)

 Because no Culver's ice cream would be had (neither boy asked for it at McDonald's), both boys got a Happy Meal...which is very very rare.  {Drew said, "We should get a toy this time, Mom, because it's Reed's special day!"}

The evening ended in the Play Place...followed by a really long, bubbly, soapy bath. :)

My monkey isn't my little monkey any more.
He's growing taller and slimming down.
He's going to preschool in the fall.
He's *this close* to no more pull-ups. (fingers crossed!)
He's transformed into this...

...and he's just so simply awesome.

And I'm so so glad God chose me to be his mom.

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