Friday, March 1, 2013


I have yet to post pictures from January, and now February, that will be included in our Project Life album for this year.  Until I finally get my poop in a group and get that crossed off the to-do list, here's just a snippet of what's been going on around here lately...

*** We had another snow day this last Wednesday.  It snowed throughout the night, and I think we got somewhere around six inches (I have no idea, really...I don't see much for news around here), but I think it was the mixed rain/sleet/snow/ice that was the determining factor in calling off school.  So it was a nice mid-week break for Drew, but come on already.  The third snow day in a month's time.  Ridiculous.  I couldn't have Drew thinking we have too much fun around here when he's at school, so we put both boys to work.

Let me just say, it was Reed's idea.  And Drew just attacked it.  He was like a little Ironman.

Then, of course, he wanted to build a snowman.  Brad was off to work and I dressed enough to shoot some pictures but not to play so I said we'd come back out later.  He decided he'd start on his own.

That snow was wet and heavy and when I finally went over to help him roll that snowball over to where he wanted it, I could barely move it!  Such muscles for a little guy!  I helped him (quickly) make the middle and top section, and there you go.  Snow day snowman.

In other news, it's March 1st.  And I'm so over the snow already.  Come on, spring!  I've already started making plans for summer.  It's gonna be a long couple of months!

*** Reed and I are making monthly trips to the library, and I am still working on reading the books from these lists {HERE and HERE}.  Last week, we read I Remember Miss Perry.  Oh golly.  Who knew picture books should be previewed before reading them aloud to your kids!  It's a book about death and loss.  Miss Perry is a teacher and halfway through the book she dies in a car accident. (!!!)  I spent the next 24 hours worried I had scarred my children for life when, much to my surprise, both boys requested it again the next night.  Drew asked a few good questions, and made some inaccurate assumptions ("Nobody really dies in car accidents") that needed some gentle explaining.  But whoa.  It was a little heavy for a bit!

Right now the boys are loving their Cars Storybook Collection book, the VeggieTales Mess Detectives series, and the Kevin Henkes books we just brought home from the library this week.

*** Reed has pretty much given up naps, and any notion of any kind of quiet time.  Things are definitely different with the second child!  About once a week, he will look and act tired enough to warrant laying down in bed.  We'll snuggle in bed and read a few books, then we'll lay quietly and 9 times out of 10 he'll doze off.  And quite honestly, sometimes I do, too.  I won't let him sleep for more than an hour, however.  It can mess with bedtime pretty significantly if I do.

I could eat him up.  So delicious.

*** We had pizza for dinner seven times during the month of February; from four different pizza joints, our freezer, and homemade.  Oy.

*** Despite the OD on pizza, I am still attempting to make meal-planning work for me.  I just don't enjoy deciding what's for dinner.  I am also trying new recipes to broaden our menu, and our taste buds. I am making THIS baked potato soup for the first time for dinner tonight.  I'll let you know how it goes.

*** Brad was gone last weekend on a retreat with 19 of our junior high youth (and three other adults).  They went to Spring Hill, which is this ginormous camp about 60 miles northwest of us.  They host several gatherings like this one, and Brad said there must've been upwards of 800 kids there.  I think he had a good time, and it sounds like things went well.

The boys and I were on our own then, and despite my lack of sleep (I just don't sleep well when I'm here without Brad... lots of anxiety with my over-active imagination), we had a good weekend.  Friends of ours offered to take the boys for a few hours Saturday afternoon so I could take a break.  I shopped, by myself and for myself, for three hours.  It was nice. :)

*** Brad is preaching this Sunday.  Our church's website can be found HERE, and under the "Sermons" tab, you'll find audio and video versions of our Sunday mornings.  Feel free to have a listen.  :)

*** When the heck did he get so big?!?!

*** We are very slowly working on things around the house.  We have gotten a few small projects accomplished, but need to carve out some serious time on the calendar to attack some pretty large painting projects.  I just finished making these shelves for the living room and the boys' room, and now just need to get them hung on the wall so that we can finally get some pictures unearthed from the moving boxes!

*** Reed's birthday is in nine days.  He just finally decided what kind of party he'd like to have, although he has had his opinion on everything else about it.  For example, he wants to invite all the friends that came to Drew's party (meaning, Drew's friends from school) and he wants a really big cake, like Drew's Cars cake from last year.

*** Reed has been "accepted" into the preschool program we wanted for this fall.  He's quite excited! But nervous.  But excited!  And so are we!

*** The boys won a trip to Disney World.  But not really.  Blog post coming soon!

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