Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Price is Right

The Price is Right - Midland Reformed Church -  Family Game Night - style!

An annual event (that now falls under Brad's job description), Family Game Night was held back on February 20 during our normal Wednesday night programming.  {And let me just interject here that, in my opinion, Brad nailed this.  It was awesome.}  Brad generated his own Price is Right game show that worked with a large group of families and proved to be exciting and entertaining.

Brad even spent six bucks on this suave suit jacket from the Salvation Army.

There were 12 games, each modeled after actual Price is Right games, just tweaked here and there to meet our capabilities and audience.  Contestants were chosen by random (names of groups/families drawn from a hat) and were then shown on the big screen what "prize" they were playing for.  The prizes were the caliber of the real game show (cars, boats, vacations, electronics, etc) but were, obviously, not truly what our people would be winning.  They were simply used as bidding pawns to play the games.  If the group/family won their particular game, they were sent to the prize table to pick a $2-$5 prize (you know, "win" a car and walk home with a deck of cards!), and if they lost, they received a chocolate bar (not such a bad deal to lose, if you ask me!). 

Because Brad was hosting and I was photographing, our boys were paired with Miss Sandy and Grace, and about halfway through the night, their names were chosen as contestants.

They played "One Away" for the chance to win a car.  A car!  Whoot!

In this game, the middle row of numbers is not the actual price of the car, but the actual price is either one digit higher or one digit lower than the one in the middle.  As a team (and with ample audience participation), they made their decision on the actual price of the vehicle.

Ooohhhh the pressure!!!

Did we win??  Did we win???


Drew's excitement could either be because he is incredibly competitive, or because he knew he just won the Lego set he had previously pined for at the prize table.  Either was pretty sweet. :)

Because constructing a giant wheel wasn't exactly feasible, the two families to move on to the showcase were those that had "won" the greatest in prize value in their respective earlier game.

Well, much to our surprise, that included our boys.  {Actually, they had "won" the most of the night.}

What was in their showcase?  A guitar, a SUV, and a trip to Walt Disney World (oh Lord, we couldn't have planned this any better).  They placed their bid and hoped that "all of that would be fictionally theirs, if their price was right!"


They won.  They won!

We may or may not have had a little explaining to do.  Thankfully, just a few brief words and a new Lego set eliminated any further mention of having just won-but-not-really-won the trip of their lifetime.

And we promise, absolutely swear, there was no nepotism involved.

{However, I did feel a bit redeemed after the whole my-dad-is-the-pastor-and-the-judge-of-the-Halloween-costume-contest-so-even-though-we-look-dang-cute-as-Jake-and-Cubby-we're-not-eligible-to-win debacle.  Nope.  No hard feelings here.}  ;)

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