Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life {January}

Ok, so the plan here is to share the photos that I will be including in our family Project Life album for 2013 here on the ol' blog.  (And I plan to be a bit more timely on this in the future!)  {If you've followed along for any given of time, you know all about PL and how much I love it.  If you have no stinkin' idea what I'm talking about...just scroll to the photos, k?}  There are a lot of just "everyday" photos that I haven't shown in a separate post, and they really give a good glimpse into life around here right now.  I thought maybe you'd be interested.

I am doing a lot of editing in Photoshop with these photos before I have them printed, and they appear here as they will in our actual physical album.  So many of them have some journaling on them, describing the photo or event, but most of them are pretty self-explanatory, so in the interest of time and posting here, I won't be adding any additional commentary.

I don't develop my pictures until Snapfish has a penny prints or free shipping deal.  They just had one last week so I anticipate receiving my pictures from January and February this week.  I hope to pop them into the album and then give a little preview here.  I know most of you are just interested in the photos (hence this post) but the album is a large part of how I document our life (along with this blog) so I'm going to go ahead and preview it here, too, as pages are made complete in the book. 

Without anymore blah blah was our January... (you can click on any photo to enlarge)

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