Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gimme a Break

I love being a mother.

I love being home with my boys. I love being here when they call my name, when they discover new things, when they want to snuggle and give me kisses.

"What about those toddler tantrums?" you ask. "Do you love those?" Uh, no. "And the screaming?" Yeah, that's kind of irritating. "Oh, but that crusty spit-up on your shoulder, that's sexy. It brings out those bags under your eyes."

Oh, alright! I don't love everything about motherhood.

But don't get me wrong. I love my boys, and I love being their mom.

But every mom needs a break now and again.

Today. *sigh* Today was my day.

With the help of Brad and his parents, I was able to take a nine hour break today (yep, you read that right... NINE HOURS!). And not only was I able to have a day off, I was able to spend it doing something I love (almost as much as motherhood): scrapbook! I co-hosted a "Paper-Crafting Party" at church today, where those who enjoy scrapbooking, making greeting cards, or other paper crafts could come together to share ideas and supplies. I haven't been able to work on my albums since before Reed was born. I haven't even started his album yet, and I'm a year behind with Drew's. (Having kids kind of kills a lot of that "free time" I used to have!) But I've had the "itch" for quite a while and have been anxious to get to work up in my craft room. Our gathering at church today was the perfect opportunity!

Since I don't tote around these albums everywhere I go, very few of you have had the opportunity to see what I'm working on. And since the point of scrapbooking is to share our memories with others, and blogging is a type of "cyper/digital" scrapbooking, I hope to post pictures of some of my pages here. Until then, I'll show you one of the projects I worked on today. I found this idea in a magazine, and knew I wanted to try to replicate it. It hangs on the wall in our living room, surrounded by our family pictures.

Now, this would be a 5-star day if I can get some sleep tonight...

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