Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Turkey Time!

Tonight we headed to Tremont, a small town about 6 miles away, for their town's celebration, the Turkey Festival. Friends of ours invited us to go, and as we hadn't been in the three summers we've been here, we went along. It was a pretty typical town celebration, with carnival rides and games, vendors, and of course, lots of food loaded with fat, calories, and deliciousness! And, what was on tonight's menu, you ask?

Delicious turkey sandwiches for mom and dad, with potato chips and pop. A "Little Cobbler Meal" for Drew: turkey hot dog, applesauce, teddy grahams, and juice. And no Turkey Festival children's meal is complete without...

...the ever popular turkey ring!

The poor economy must be hitting small town carnivals... since when does it cost $6 to ride the carousel?? So as much as I wanted Drew to ride his first amusement park ride, we settled for "Lucky Ducky" instead (an especially wise economical choice since our friends paid for him to play!). Drew enjoyed the game so much, he kept grabbing for the ducks instead of picking his prize!

Mom picked for him. Kinda pitiful, huh?

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