Saturday, June 27, 2009

To the Man Cave!

Potentially severe weather tonight sent us to the basement. Welcome to Brad's "Man Cave"!

When we rearranged the upstairs bedrooms, preparing for Reed's arrival, the treadmill got moved to the basement, wherein Brad decided to make a posh room for himself. Well, it's more like a corner. And posh it is not. More like one part functional, two parts trashy. Oh well. It serves its purpose well. And at least now we have a space that's somewhat comfy to retreat to when the weather turns severe.

Yeah, we pretty much have fun wherever we are.

And yep, there are toys everywhere in this house!

She looks comfy, but she was shakin' like a leaf! She hates thunder.

Oh, and as far as the severe weather is concerned, it's passing without consequence, at least as of right now. We have a thunderstorm watch in effect now until 10pm. The sirens went off earlier for a severe thunderstorm warning that was producing some rotation near North Pekin. When Brad said that storms yesterday sent a tree through the window of a house, I figured we'd better head for cover!

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