Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grammy & Papa

All of us enjoyed a lovely, long, fun-filled weekend with my parents, aka "Grammy" and "Papa" to Drew and Reed. They arrived Saturday evening, and stayed until this morning when they had to head home to Minnesota and back to their "real" jobs. And by "real" I mean those jobs for which they get paid. They both did a whole lot of work around here but didn't get a dime! They stayed with the boys Sunday afternoon through Monday morning so Brad and I could get away for our anniversary. My dad helped me hang a ceiling fan in the last bedroom without one, my mom did a lot of laundry and dish-washing, and Lord knows those little boys ran both of them ragged!

(Forgive my absence of pictures...I have gotten quite lazy with capturing our days digitally. Perhaps that will be 2010's new year's resolution??)

I always love it when the boys' grandparents can come visit us. Growing up, I lived two and four hours away from my grandparents, which always made our visits special, but I was always jealous of my cousins who lived closer to them and saw them more often. Now that I have children of my own, I want for my kids to live close to their grandparents. And here we sit, in Illinois, four and seven hours away. Ho hum. I am forever grateful that our parents make these visits such a priority. I hope they know how much it means to us, and to our boys, to have them here.

We are looking forward to "Round 2" this weekend when Grandma and Grandpa VW come to visit...

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