Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Friends

What a fantastic weekend we just had! Ever since we've moved to Pekin, our very good friends, Scott and Kathy, along with their daughters, Grace and Norah, have made several trips to come visit us. We are so thankful for this time together, as it makes Brad and I feel closer to all of our friends back in Minnesota, and we are so so appreciative to the Vriezes for making this extra special effort to stay in touch.

Drew, Reed (look at that belly!), Norah & Grace

Our friends arrived late afternoon on Friday, and unlike their previous visits when they've had to return home on Sunday, they were able to stay another night with us and delay their return home until Monday morning. This gave us, and the kids, an extra day of fun. Kathy and I were able to get a little "mommy time" in as we hit some garage sales Saturday morning, but unfortunately for Scott and Brad, the weather didn't cooperate with their "daddy time" on the golf course. Oh well, maybe next time! The kids had a blast together, playing inside, outside, and all around the town! With our two boys and their two girls, we, of course, think we have the perfect set-up for arranged marriages in about 20-25 years... but we learned that Little Sister Norah might be making the moves on Drew!

Here's a peek into all the fun we had... makes you want to come and visit, too, doesn't it???

Scott & Kathy: THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You'll never fully know how much we appreciate these visits.

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  1. We LOVE coming to see you and have such a good time. Even though its a long trip I find it relaxing to spend time with wonderful friends. Can't wait to see you in July!