Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Monster Within

Wasn't it just a few days ago that I said things around here are "quieting down"??? Note to self...never state things are going well, because inevitably, things will begin to get very l.o.u.d.

The monster that once resided inside Reed is once again making himself known.

Poor little Reed. He just can't win.

The long and short of it is, Reed hasn't been sleeping. For the past week he's been waking in the night, crying, needing to be consoled and rocked before he can fall asleep again, only to wake anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half later and do it all again. Just to give you a frame of reference: I was up with him SEVEN times between the hours of 12:30 and 5:30 on Sunday night. Yep. Seven. Ouch!

So, needless to say, it's been a bit hairy around here. I figured he's teething, working on those little chompers, waiting for them to pop through. I think I'm right, as he's got drool down to his toes and he's constantly licking the snot off of his upper lip. However, things have just gotten progressively worse, as even benadryl couldn't keep him asleep. So I called into the pediatrician yesterday afternoon. We went and saw her this morning, and indeed, Reed has an infection in his left ear. So good news, and bad news. Bad news: the poor lad is indeed sick. Good news: it's something we can treat with an antibiotic and don't have to deal with "waiting it out."

After stopping at the pharmacy to pick up that delicious pink amoxicillin, we came home, and it was then that I realized the arsenal of drugs my poor monkey is on.

In Reed's medicine cabinet you will find tylenol and motrin, saline solution and benadryl, Vick's BabyRub (this stuff is great, if you haven't tried it yet. Works just like VapoRub but has a much sweeter smell!!), and Reed's three prescriptions (Zantac for reflux, stool softener and now amoxicillin).

Cross your fingers that our little guy is on the mend. Except for being so tired he could rub his eyes off, his disposition is otherwise bright. He's playing on the floor, giggling with big brother, and taking a stab at sitting on his own. Oh, and his weight? He's one ounce shy of 23 pounds! (Yep, my back could use a chiropractor!)

And unless you look really close, you can't even see his snot-crusted nose! :)


  1. Reeds meds cabinet looks like Norah's! Sorry to hear he has an ear infection but glad it can be treated and since he is more drooly he is probably getting teeth and the extra drool also settled in his ear. I know when Grace was teething she almost always got an ear infection. And 23 pounds WOW! Tell Brad you deserve a massage for your birthday!

  2. Sorry to hear Reed is sick. It's the worst when they are sick!! Wow - 23 pounds?!? Lydia is 26 or 27 pounds and she's almost 2!!! ;-)