Thursday, September 10, 2009

Six Months Old

Why is it that the last six months seem as though they have flown by, yet during the last six months, the days and nights seemed to have dragged on f.o.r.e.v.e.r.??? It may have something to do with the fact that I've had the least amount of sleep I've ever gotten in my entire life? Um, yeah, that could be it. :)

Regardless, here we sit, six months after little (big!) Reed came into our lives. And what a six months it has been! As I mentioned a couple posts ago, it seems like things are quieting down around here (despite Reed's current ear infection). The reflux medication Reed's been on continues to bring happy days to our household, although it doesn't stop him from actually regurgitating whatever it is he has eaten. (It works to remove the acid from the crud that comes back up, therefore taking the agitation and pain away from his esophagus and throat.) And when I say that whatever he eats comes back up...I mean everything. Now that he's on baby foods, watch out! If you're not adequately covered and armed with burp cloths and washcloths, you'll have a lovely necklace made up of green beans and prunes! Nice, right? Needless to say, Reed goes through a lot of bibs and burpees, and I do a lot of laundry!

Another milestone this month: rolling over! At the end of his fifth month, Reed had started to roll successfully from his back to his belly. Now, he can go the other way too, making him one mobile little fella! He's also strengthening up those ab muscles, almost ready to sit on his own. Maybe all this mobility will lead to Mom and Dad not having to tote him around everywhere! Our big guy keeps getting bigger! At almost 23 pounds, he's wearing size four diapers, and wearing 12 month clothes! He's not hefty...he's healthy! :)

And Drew. The biggest thing to share about Drew are his "Drewisms": those things that he says that just make us crack up. Where do kids come up with these things?!?! Here are a few...

* While playing with Reed's toes, Drew exclaims with surprise, "Hey, Reed's toes won't come off!"
* Fortunately for Dad, Drew is starting to reverse the shopping psychology that I use on him. While in Target one day, I was looking at lampshades. Drew says, "No, Mom, we don't need that!"
* Drew: "Mama, my tummy hurts?"
Mom: "It does? What does it need?"
Drew: "It needs pancakes."
* In a long conversation about why daddy has to work, I finally say "Dad needs to bring home money so we can go shopping. We like to go shopping, don't we?" Drew smiles and says, "We DO!" (That's my boy!)
* Dad: "Drew, how'd you get so smart?"
Drew: "Mom got me so smart."
* I was in the bathroom, with the door closed. Soon I hear Drew say "I can see you mom." I look down to see his fingers peeking at me underneath the door. I ask him who taught him to do that, and he responds with "Justin did." Then, on a different day, Drew begins to lift up his shirt while we're eating dinner. Again, I ask him who taught him to do that, and Drew says, "Justin did." Uncle Justin, you have some explaining to do!

Enjoy this past month in pictures. We've got quite a few....all too cute to narrow them down to just a couple!

In an effort to lose the need to make sure all things are neat and tidy at all times...I bought Drew Play-Doh. But I still only let him play with one color at a time. Hey, I'm working on it, people.

Lounging with Dad.

Drew's fixing up his Cars cars. Handy Manny's hammer, Pat, oughta do it.

One night after his bath, Drew decided he wanted to read books. He sat on the couch like this for almost an hour, reading. I wish he'd always do this!!

They take pretty good care of each other.

"Ma, the plumber's on his way."

Keeping mom company as she cleaned up the kitchen.


Hee hee hee!!!

Despite all his troubles, he still knows how to SMILE! ;)

Making trail mix.

Mmmm yummy! (But of course, he only ate the marshmallows!)

Stud. Muffin.

Cuter than cute!

Helping mom put the finishing touches on his baby book.

"Me? Trouble? NAH!"

Go Dragons!

And again I say... Stud. Muffins.

Apparently, something's funny.

"Hey, Reed. Look at this!" Oh brother. Negative influences begin.

Drew's got this new thing where he doesn't want the baby gate put up in front of his bedroom door anymore when he takes a nap. Consequently, he's been quite the little explorer upstairs. The other day I came upstairs to find him napping on the guest bed. The kicker? He'd put the baby gate up in the doorway!

Like mother, like son. :) Introducing Reed to the goodness of Culver's ice cream...

...Drew's already well aware of its deliciousness!

"Mom, is that you? I can't see with the sun shining IN MY FACE!"

Enjoying Pekin High's JV football game.

No, he's not too cool to eat his veggies; nor is he too cool to reflux them back up onto himself!

Reed is definitely Daddy's Little Boy!

Stinkin' adorable. What else is there to say??

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Loved the pictures and the BOYS!!!!