Monday, September 21, 2009

Pumpkins, a Parade and Papa, OH MY!

And Grammy, too! :)

We enjoyed another wonderful weekend with company as Grammy and Papa made the trek down to visit us. Usually we don't do anything extra special; we just enjoy spending some time together. This visit, however, as Morton, a neighboring town, was celebrating their Pumpkin Festival, we all headed out on Saturday morning for their parade.

"Mom, we don't need anymore." (Yep, that's right. That's what my two-year-old told me!)

Now that's a pumpkin! 635.5 pounds of pumpkin, to be exact.

We also had "movie night" where Drew was able to properly introduce his grandparents to Lightening McQueen. They had yet to see Cars and Drew was more than happy to watch it...again...for the 47,000th time.

Grammy and Papa also had a special delivery for Drew, from a new friend. My brother's girlfriend's 5-year-old son has outgrown his electric Jeep, and in an act of pure generosity, decided that he'd like to give it to Drew. (Now that mom has done something right! A 5-year-old who actually wants to give something of his away?!?! That's impressive!)

Drew couldn't wipe this grin off his face! I think it's safe to say he loves it!

And, in an effort to practice generosity himself, Drew thought Reed needed a chance to try it out, too!

On Sunday, we took advantage of having the extra hands and muscles to do a few things around the house; namely, rearranging the furniture in the living room. Compromising really is an art form...and when it means that mom gets her way, you know what they say: No one's happy unless mom is! We've made our primary living space a bit more roomy, and in order to meet Brad's need, the TV is viewable from almost every corner. As Reed's becoming more active and the toy population continues to grow, it will be nice to have a bit more floor space to play and move about on.

We're thankful that even though they live several hours away, our families still make it a priority to visit us. So, when are you coming?

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