Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off the Charts

Off to Dr. Hunter this morning for Reed's six-month well-baby check-up. And although he talks like a baby, eats like a baby, and plays like a baby...Reed certainly doesn't measure like a baby!!!

He is...

23 pounds 2 ounces
30 inches long
and has a 47 cm head circumference

...just two pounds and one inch shy of how big Drew was at ONE YEAR OLD!

Reed is officially off the charts! I can't give you the percentile's Reed is situated in, because he isn't in any. Unless something like "the 107th percentile" is for real.

And all this time I thought Drew was a big kid!

Dr. Hunter assures me that he is perfect (was there any doubt, really??). He's growing in perfect proportion, and his measurements continue along a curve, which is what they want to see. "He's just gonna be a tall guy," is what the doctor had to say. I wonder at what age he'll surpass Drew? And if Drew will notice? Or care? Reed might be the "little" brother, but little he is not!

Reed's ears are healed from the infection he had, although they both have some fluid in them. Dr. Hunter suspects it is just residuals from the infection, but to keep an eye on them nonetheless to see if they begin to bother Reed again. (I've come to the conclusion that everything bothers Reed. He's kinda high maintenance...I can't imagine who he gets that from...) She also reassured me that she expects Reed's reflux to back off here in the next three months (as Reed puked all over me right there in the exam room...nice). He continues to take baby Zantac twice a day, and thankfully, it is still working as our "wonder drug." His next round of immunizations were administered today, and his next appointment is scheduled for December, when he'll be nine months old (!).

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