Friday, September 25, 2009

She's 30!

And by "she" I only wish I was talking about someone else.

But no. It is I. 30. That's kind of a lot. It's that age that I always thought was so "old" when I was younger. Boy, was I wrong! ;)

All in all, today was a nice day. Drew even behaved! No time-outs! Now that's a great birthday present! Reed was a bit of a stinker, not wanting to nap so mama could nap, too, but there's always tomorrow for that, I suppose. So for those dying to know (and I'm sure you all are), what did I do on my 30th??

Laundry. I did laundry. And will be doing more laundry tomorrow.

Thrilling, I know.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget about the family trip to Walmart. That was a blast! Brad especially enjoyed it. (He said I could do whatever I wanted I told him I wanted him to help me with a few's the only day of the year I can get him to go with me!)

And while I did do a lot of laundry (seriously, that maid is slackin' around here!) my day was great. The boys were good, and they gifted me with a small present this morning. Brad's gift arrives in November. Or rather, we're going to go to it...on a San Francisco...for a much needed vacation! I.can't.wait.

Yeah, I know. Brad's the best.

Brad also put this little gift together for me, as well. It was a nice surprise to see it this morning as I logged into Facebook. Since not all of you are Facebookers, we'll post it here, too.

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  1. awesome, cute and funny welcome to the 30's club. it is sooooo great great that you keep up with this blog.