Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 1

Well, here we are, 10 days into the new year, and I've got nine pictures to show for it! Woot! (Obviously, there will normally be seven photos to share on Sunday, but with New Years Day falling on Friday, I had to squeeze in Days 1 and 2 this week.)

I hope you enjoy. So far, it's been a treat. I hope that eventually it will become second nature and I can remove the post-it's that are currently plastered all over the house as my reminder to take pictures! Being devoted to taking a picture a day does require me to take my camera with me everywhere. Our camera isn't one of those new cutesy compact ones that will squeeze nicely into my back pocket, so there were some opportunities around the house that I missed capturing with a photo. And with the colder temps this week we didn't venture out and about too much, but you can bet I'll show up with pictures from the grocery store one of these days!

Another list of goals I've set for myself in 2010 is to read the manual that goes to our digital camera. Yep, have had that thing for five years now and have yet to crack open the book on how to use it. I want to improve my photography skills, and instead of investing in a "better" camera (whose manual will probably go unread as well) I figured a proper first step would be to actually learn how to use the one I have. So you'll find pictures that are blurry or have bad lighting, but again, the goal is to capture the moment, not to have the "perfect" picture to show for it.

Along with that is another goal for this year, which is to learn how to use Photoshop. I know that there's a goldmine of creative opportunity just waiting to be discovered, but again, I've gotta learn how to use the thing!

So, here it is. Week 1 of our POTDs. Enjoy!

In order to clean up a mess, you've got to make a bigger mess, right? I snapped this picture to capture the post-holiday haze that involves taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, and finding new homes for all of the new toys. Good-bye, 2009. Good-bye, chaos (yet another 2010 goal!).

Our first big purchase of the new year: a new iMac! We've had a PowerMac for about five years, and we love it. But it was totally time to upgrade.

A new skill! Such a flirt!

Living up to his nickname. Reed was getting a kick out of this - throwing his arms up in the air and falling backwards. Oh the giggles that erupted from his belly!

Helping me make cheesy bread for lunch. Drew's becoming quite the little helper.

Naps for Reed have never been consistent; I never know if he'll sleep for 30 minutes or three hours. When I went up to check on him (after not hearing a peep for over two hours), this is what I found. Looks snuggly, huh? (And the kicker? A new toilet was being installed right next to his room. Note to self: Lots of racket = peaceful sleep. Who knew?!)

We've finally received enough snow worth donning our snowpants and boots to play in. This was Drew's first real playful experience in the white fluffy stuff. So far, he's not a fan. He was ready to come back in after five minutes.

My newest obsession...blogs. This is my Goggle reader, listing 95 items. Resolution 2011: spend less time at the computer!!

We enjoyed lunch today with the Brown family, close friends of ours from church. This is Bekah, their oldest daughter. She's announced that she's gonna marry Drew someday. I think the affection is starting to become mutual.


  1. Followed your link from Jessica's Blog..I love your pictures!

  2. I also followed here from Jessica's blog. I love the little date/title stamp on your photos. Too cute!

  3. Followed here from Jessica's blog. I also have on my 2010 goals list to actually learn how to use my digital camera!

  4. Linked onto your blog from Jessica's. Love the pictures. To answer your question from your first picture, yes in order to clean a mess you have to make a bigger one first, at least you do in our house.

  5. Hello, I love your photos and fonts. What fonts are you using? I am going to scrapcopy your title and dates - love it! Thank you.

  6. Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for all of your comments! I'm totally in love with this Project Life consumes much of my daily thinking! :) Obsessed? Perhaps!

    To answer "Anonymous" --- The fonts I use on my photos are CK_Ali_Writing (Ali Edwards' free font from Creating Keepsakes magazine. Not sure you can still get it at their site, but check into Ali's site at I used Geneva for the date/title, but I found out that the font used in the Project Life kit is News Gothic so I'm going to switch to that so it's consistent with Becky's design.

  7. Yea - thank you for the details on the fonts! That will save me timing trying to figure it out. Keep the great POTD's coming!

  8. I love your pictures. Your kids are cute. Have fun with Project Life, I'm excited to start mine.

  9. Found you via Jessica's Project Life Tuesday! Love your photos. Have fun! Stop by my blog if you get a chance!