Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 4

I have a lot of paper crafting projects I'd like to accomplish this year, and this wasn't even one of them! I had a big white space left open on one of our walls that needed a filler, so I whipped this together in a few minutes. I love that it reflects us and what we love the most - each other. (Inspirational credit goes to Stephanie Howell's layout, as seen in the January 2010 issue of CK magazine.)

I was lucky enough to capture this sweet moment. After having his morning bottle, Reed crawled over to Drew (always interested in what others are eating!), wherein Drew was gracious enough to share his poptart. Sweetness!

Our birthday boy. Drew turned three today!

I think all four of us have a serious case of spring fever. But we don't forget to marvel at beautiful snowfalls like this one. (Notice the window peepers at the front door!)

Grandma and Grandpa VW stopped for a visit today, as they were on their way to Florida for vacation. We were expecting them to stay the night, but with severe weather expected through Oklahoma and Tennessee, they only stayed for about three hours. They gave Drew his birthday gifts, and this heavily frosted cupcake, which Drew couldn't keep his fingers out of!

Because I received an e-coupon for a *free* bear at Build-A-Bear, we made a surprise trip to the store today for Drew to pick out a bear for his birthday. He was a bit shy with the very nice employee helping us stuff and sew "Panda," but Drew was helpful in grooming him for the ride home. :)

Baths are a favorite part of our routine around here. Ever since Reed's been able to sit on his own, he's been bathing with his brother. Although I wanted a picture of their faces, this is how they ended up. Same crazy long hair (that needs to be cut!), same shoulder blades, same tilted heads. Man, do I love these guys.

(This post is linked to Jessica Turner's Project Life Tuesday.)


  1. stopping by from the mom your framed project. definitely going to copy that!

  2. I love the art you made on your wall too!

  3. Great photos, I especially love the snow one. We don't get snow here in South Africa!

  4. great art for your wall! great pics!

  5. Great pics! Enjoyed my visit here♥

  6. Hello - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I like your pics too. Can you tell me if your days of the week font is Ali Edwards? if so, how did you get it bold? Also - love the date in the brackets. Where did you get that? thanks, brenda

  7. Great job on the wall art!
    Love the picture of your little guy with cars on the floor in the background! So familiar!