Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something New

So, I'll bet you noticed something new when you opened up this post. You probably noticed a few new somethings! I had a creative itch that just needed to be scratched!!!

I thought it was time for a little revamping of our blog. Just a little tweak here and there...and then maybe I got just a little out of hand! :)

Hopefully most obvious is the new blog title banner. What better way to call out "It's a Boys World" than with pictures of the boys? I've been doing some amateurish dabbling in Photoshop, trying to navigate my way through and teach myself a few things. It usually doesn't take too long before I have to call on the real pro, my brother Justin, to answer my "how do I...??" questions. (So a G-I-A-N-T shout out to him...and extra thanks for being available at all hours of the night when I get these hair-brained ideas!). He taught me some very snazzy tricks and tips while I was putting the new banner logo together. You like??

I'm also working on the gadgets on the sidebar, most notably my blogroll and other links. I've divided them up so they are a bit easier to navigate.

Family & Friends includes blogs and websites of those that are closest to us. If you read our blog and have your own that I don't know about, let me know so I can link up!

Kid Stuff includes some of Drew's favorite things, as well as a kids craft site that I've been using to get ideas for art projects Drew and I can do together.

Mom Stuff are those mama blogs that I enjoy reading the most.

Jesus Stuff includes the Christian blogs that we frequently read.

Scrappin' Stuff has links to some of my favorite scrappers and scrapbooking publications. This one was hard to narrow down! I have a ton more than I read daily, but these are my current top picks.

Just spicin' things up a bit around here. You can probably expect to see some other new additions here and there as all of the sudden my creative energies have kicked into high gear! Whew!

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