Sunday, January 17, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 2

Another week down, and seven more pictures to show for it! YAY!

This project is becoming more fun the more I work on it. I love the whole process - taking the photo, doing a little Photoshopping, and once my kit arrives (with my mom in two more weeks!), I know that putting the album together is going to be like a drug.

Yep. I'm that crazy-in-love with this.

But the part I love best is capturing our story. Some of these pictures will mean nothing to you, may seem rather mundane or strange, but that's okay. Because these are the photos that tell our story. Who we are, what we do, what life is like right now for us.

And that's the whole point.

As I mentioned in last week's POTD post, I've become a bit addicted to blogs. One blog links to another blog links to another, and before I know it, I've got a dozen more items in my Google reader (and about an hour less sleep at night)! In my cyber-snooping, I've come across a very lovely blog by Jessica Turner, called The Mom Creative. Long story short, she is hosting Project Life Tuesday, where some of us participating in this project can link our blog posts to her site, and we can all share our photos with each other, for ideas and inspiration. If taking a picture each day is something you're working on, or are intrigued by, go ahead and check Jessica's blog out.

I hope you enjoy this week's POTDs!

Reed is 10 months old today. I remember when he was born, saying that I wasn't going to rush things this time around. I wasn't going to keep looking forward to the next milestone, neglecting to enjoy the moment. Then he hit six weeks old. A colicky boy with a reflux diagnosis, and I changed my tune. I.couldn't.wait. for him to grow-up! And here we are now...on the move, looking to groove! A much happier baby (and mommy!), finally able to enjoy these little moments. (In typical Reed-style: one sock off, the other half-way there!)

Mondays are typically Brad's day off. Drew l-o-v-e-s having Daddy home during the day, and relishes in his undivided attention.

Amen to that!

After a bit of a difficult afternoon with the boys (ok, more than a "bit"), I needed a moment to myself. I got dinner on the table and excused myself to the bathroom, where I sat on the edge of the tub and read a few articles in my magazine. I just needed one moment of peace.

No, the cart's not really empty, but usually there are two boys in there taking up space! I snagged a little bit of free time this afternoon to run to the grocery store. Alone. I may have taken a little longer than absolutely necessary. :) (Yes, I did take my camera to the grocery store, and yes I did take the photo in an aisle no one else was in! Hence the blurry's bad enough I talk out loud to myself; I didn't need them calling the funny farm on me for taking pictures in the baby food aisle!)

It is time for a change in our living room. Thanks to some new pillows and curtains, we've transformed our primary living area from warm reds to cool browns and blues. I feel more relaxed already! (I'm still working on general decor and wall hangings...looking for accent pieces in teal, silver and black. Yummy!) Oh, this picture also captures one of my favorite wall hangings. It reads "Home is where they love you." It may need to find a new place to hang as the yellow/red color combination doesn't quite flow with the new browns and blues.



  1. Oh,these were some great pics!! I'm the mom to 5 sons, I know all about "boy world"!!!!

    Hey, I love the after in your den. Looks great.

    Your boys are just precious~

  2. I love your cute little tags on all your photos. The day and date is great, but I really love all the short adjectives. Very clever.

  3. Cute pictures, I like your tags as well, did you download brushes or just add them with fonts on your photo editing software?

  4. That tuesday pic is divine, your boys are gorgeous!

  5. Hello, I love your newest pictures also. Your living room looks good both ways, but it is a nice change of colors. My husband likes his rare days off with the kids also. Taking pictures at the grocery store of your cart is what this Project Life is all about so good for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words. I'll stop by next week.

  6. I forgot to put in my post before. It snowed all day, had to keep going out to shovel so Fed-ex could get thru my driveway. The snow you see was all in front of my door,so I shoveled it out of the way and told the fed-ex guy to put the box down so I could get a picture of how deep the snow was that day.

  7. I totally understand the need to sit on the edge of the tub and read a magazine. I escape sometimes too, just to check my e-mail in peace.

    I am loving seeing all of the blog's linked from Jessica Turner. Thanks for stopping by my blog!