Tuesday, January 26, 2010


How on earth have we gone from here...

...to here...

...to here?!
At 4:44 today, our "little guy" turned three. I guess I can't call him "little guy" anymore, huh?

Having already celebrated his birthday with a party on Saturday, today was a pretty typical day around here. (I kinda wonder if Drew was a little confused as he kept asking "Where's my birthday?") Well, maybe not totally typical as Drew doesn't get to open presents everyday, nor does Daddy stay home all day to play! Drew spotted his gifts on the counter first thing this morning and there was no stopping him (duh) once he saw them.

Just in case you weren't sure what he got.

He's becoming quite a stinker when it comes to getting his picture taken. I really just wanted one photo of him with his dinosaurs. He thought differently.

So Brad did stay home this morning, with the intention of heading over to work this afternoon, but with the internet fix-it guy here pretty much all day, that didn't happen. Drew got much of Dad's attention throughout the morning, playing with his new dinosaurs and other toys and games. He stayed in his jammies until after 11, and we let him spend a little more time than usual playing on the computer (which proved to be detrimental tonight when he didn't want to go to bed). He got some more "Daddy time" tonight as he was able to convince Brad to play CandyLand and Chutes & Ladders (let's just say those aren't Brad's favorite).

For dinner, we treated Drew (and me, too...who am I kidding?!?) to a grilled cheese sandwich and fries, Culver's style. It just so happened that we had enough Scoopie points to receive a prize. Drew chose a new soccer ball (gotta love free, right??).

I think he enjoyed it. :)

All in all, a great third birthday. Wow. Three. It seems hard to imagine, especially when those labor pains are as clear as day. Here's hoping that the "terrifying threes" are more toward the terrific side. We have a lot to look forward to with this big guy.


  1. When I told Grace it was Drew's birthday she adamently told me we needed to go to Drew's house and sing him Happy Birthday! I told her that would be a wonderful idea but it was a long trip to just sing happy Birthday. She was sad, we will try and call in the next few days so she can sing to him. She misses her friend Drew! Kathy

  2. happy birthday a day late. thanks for stopping by my blog...i am using a kit that i bought on line and i am loving it. did you get the project life book? if not and you are into digital scrapbooking, let me know...i will send you the link.

    i am new to the digital world of scrapbooking, but really loving it and learning a lot.