Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at Hobby Horse

Last Thursday, Drew's preschool class had their fourth, and final, holiday party. This time around they celebrated Easter, of course, complete with an egg hunt and a special visit from the Easter bunny. {Brad was able to stay home with Reed for an extra hour so that I could go to Drew's party without him, and I'm so glad that it worked out this way. Reed would have been all over that grassy knoll, picking up every egg he could find!}

The bunny!

The kids must have been told there would be someone special outside {the bunny} as they all had an expectant look on their faces as they came out the door. Check out Drew's expression: kinda excited, kinda really nervous!

Instead of each child having their own basket to collect eggs, they all gathered their eggs into a community basket and then the eggs were divided equally when they returned inside. Super smart thinking, if you ask me!

Such a cute cute bunny!

Drew was a bit hesitant during the egg hunt. During school when I'm not around, he's totally active and participatory in everything, and then as soon as I show up, he'd rather stand by me and do nothing. Humph. Definitely something we need to work on...

Both myself and Drew's buddy Gage tried to get him to join his class for a picture with the Easter bunny. Neither of us could convince him. So here's Drew's class - minus Drew (and to be fair, there were one or two others who didn't want their picture taken either!).

Craft time!

The project was to fill and decorate their Easter baskets. Instead of construction paper eggs, Drew filled his with heart stickers.

Game time! They played Pass the Bunny, which is just like Hot Potato - except with a bunny. :) It's a good thing I got this shot as Drew was out the first time around. He didn't mind...especially when he was the first to pick a treat from the prize basket!

The party concluded with snack time...

...and it was good!

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  1. What fun pictures of all the activities he had that day. So happy you could make it without the little one with you, makes it so much easier.