Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Art

The plan was to dye eggs for Easter on Friday sometime. But because I like to force Brad into participating in these sorts of things (because he just looooooves it so much) :) I decided to wait until Saturday. Well, I'm glad I waited, as having two very "handy" boys would be too much to watch for one supervisor, unless of course you don't mind a multi-colored table and floor. A two adult to two child ratio is much more appropriate when dealing with small children and a semi-permanent coloring medium!

Saturday then turned out to be quite the day for Brad. As he's finishing up his plans for both the Easter sunrise service and the regular service, he gets called into the hospital for an emergency. While we can't predict when these things happen, it always seems to on some of our busiest days! Because not only was the next day Easter, he also had a wedding to officiate later that afternoon. (Sidenote: The groom's sister is John Stamos' girlfriend. We were hoping for a celebrity siting, but no go. Apparently Pekin isn't the draw one would expect for those Hollywood folk. :P )

Anyway... all of this to say that egg dyeing didn't happen until Saturday night; right after dinner and just before bed. We weren't able to fit in all the decorating steps (in particular, the stickers as the eggs weren't dry enough to put them on), but we did complete the fun (and messy) dyeing process. This was the first time Reed's been old enough to *kind of* participate, and he got more joy out of pulling his stir stick out of the cup saying "ta da!" than removing the actual dyed egg! He wanted to pull the egg out almost immediately after dropping it in, so perhaps next year I'll have to boil a few more eggs to keep him occupied! Drew was very fascinated with the whole process, and was anxious to try both the egg wrappers and the magic crayon.

We'll be eating egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs for the rest of the week. :)

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  1. Love your colored egg pictures, they look so cute. My husband does this part every year for me with the kids. This year I changed it and did some at my grandma's house. How cool to almost see John Stamos or someone else famous.