Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break

This post is a bit overdue, but I guess it's taken all of us quite a few days to recuperate from spring break! {Good heavens, what will it be like at the end of the summer?!?!}

Drew had spring break last week, March 28-April 1. Let's get real, though...he goes to school two days a week for a grand total of four and a half hours. So, Drew being home "all week long" wasn't exactly out of the norm. ;) But regardless of this, it did work out perfectly for a little "break" for both the boys and for this very tired Mama!

After Grammy & Papa returned home on Tuesday the 29th from their weekend visit to our house, the boys packed their bags for a little mini-vacation to Grandma & Grandpa's house!(Man, I just love grandparents!) The plan was to meet Brad's parents in Burlington on Thursday afternoon (the 31st) to swap vehicles and to hand the boys over for the weekend. Things did go as planned...but not without a little hiccup to start things off with!

I had made a nurse appointment at the pediatrician's office for Reed for that morning. When we were in the clinic the previous week for the boys' well-child check-ups, I had neglected to have Reed's iron count tested to see if his levels were normal enough to stop taking his daily vitamin. It just so happened that when Reed woke up on Thursday morning, he felt a bit warm and had a very barky cry and cough. After bringing him downstairs, and snuggling for a bit, this was how he ended up...

Let's just say that this never happens! He never falls back asleep after he wakes up!

So, after having his blood drawn (which was normal so YAY! for that), I mentioned to the nurse that he felt feverish and had this cough when he woke up that morning. She took his temp: 101.3. And after taking a list of his symptoms, the nurse said that the nurse practitioner would be able to see Reed that morning. (I just want to note that I don't do this: I don't just show up at the doctor's office with a sick kid and ask for an appointment right then and there. I felt kind of weird about it, and I probably wouldn't even had said anything had the boys not been leaving town that afternoon. But the staff was gracious and willing...which was awesome...but we also had to wait.)

And wait. And wait.

Drew went with us (because, of course, I had only expected to be there for a few minutes) and we were stuck inside the confines of a 7x7 exam room for a grand total of 2 1/2 hours. (I realized I might be a tish claustrophobic once we left the clinic and I got a breath of fresh air!)

In the end, Reed was diagnosed with croup and a minor strep infection. Drew then was also tested for strep throat, and it came back "faintly" positive as well. We then went through a bit of a communication snafu as we ended up leaving the clinic (because neither Drew, nor I, could stand to sit there any longer) and had to wait to hear if the NP would prescribe antibiotics since the strep test was so faint.

Mother-conundrum: Do I still send the boys to Grandma and Grandpa's house? Drew wanted to go. Boy, was he excited. He even said he would go by himself if Reed couldn't go. But Reed. Could I send Reed? Before knowing whether or not he'd get meds for the strep (he would get steroids to help with the inflammation to relieve the croup), I just knew I couldn't send him if he didn't get any. I figured that the strep test had come back barely positive because he had literally been sick for 4 hours...not 4 days...and I knew that by Saturday, he'd be in full-fledged agony and need a trip to the Urgent Care to get antibiotics. I couldn't put that on Reed, or my in-laws, to have to deal with and struggle through.

However, I don't think I can stress to you how much I was in need of a break from motherhood. And a break from everything else! We have been so busy lately, and Brad has been so busy lately, and I've had a lot more alone time here with the little boys without Brad's aid and assistance. And without complaining too much, I'll just say that if Mama didn't get a break soon, someone was going to get hurt. And it probably would have been Mama!

We called Brad's mom and filled her in on what was going on, and got her opinion. She asked all the right questions, and in the end, thought that the boys would be fine to come to their place.

So I was really really torn. Couple the fact that I was so in need of some alone time with the idea that not only would I not be getting my alone time but that I also would be taking care of a sick child...oh my stars. My physiological reaction to the idea of it was too much, let alone the potential reality of it!

Soon enough, the miscommunication between the doctor's office, the pharmacy and me was resolved and both boys were prescribed antibiotics for strep.


To Grandmother's house we go!

By the time Reed got his first dose of both the steroid and the antibiotic, he was perking up. I felt much better about sending the boys away after seeing that. But I tell you, nothing produces Mama guilt quite like this experience! And, you know, maybe I still made the wrong decision. Maybe Reed should have stayed home. It was selfish to send him off sick when I just really wanted some "me" time. I strongly believe that one of the best things I as a mother can do for my kids is to spend some time away from them, but I also know and believe that when a baby is sick, he just wants his mommy. Maybe there is no right answer, I don't know. We, of course, communicated with Brad's parents throughout the weekend, and Reed continued to perk up as time passed. He had a bit of a set back on Sunday, but we chalked it up to excessive activity and fun. :)

Regardless of all the drama and germs, both boys had a most fantastic time. See for yourself!

The joy of "new" toys found in the basement.

The neighbors let the boys play on their outdoor equipment.

Cheap labor. :)

The boys helped Grandpa clean up the debris from where their old deck used to be.

Trikin' it.

The local tractor supply store had baby chicks...

and tractors...

and dune buggies???

Grandma has quite the set-up for this video game junkie!

They spent part of Saturday in Des Moines at Glenda and Rob's house.
Soccer with Alison.

Basketball with Uncle Brent & Lewis.

Raiding Grandma's M&M stash.

The weather forecast did NOT call for an 86 degree day! But that's what they got! YAY for playing outside! BOO to Mom for not packing any short sleeved shirts!

What is it with Iowa and tractors?? ;)

Relaxing before bedtime.

Tea for one!

We met back up in Burlington on Monday the 4th to pick up the boys. They really did have a great weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, but I think they were ready to come home. At lunch, Drew asked Grandma who they were going home with. He was pleased when the answer was "Mom and Dad." :)

{Oh, and what did I end up doing with all my free time? Plenty! My cousin came for a couple days for a little scrapbook extravaganza, wherein I completed two major projects (Reed's baby book and the editing to send our blog to publish in book format). I also shopped by and for myself (never happens) and Brad and I had a date night. Brad got a few projects done, too. And we slept in. Just a bit.} :)

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa! We are so so thankful for you!

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