Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 15

Sunday {4.10.11}
Spring has sprung! Tulips (and a fair number of weeds) are starting to bloom in our backyard!

Monday {4.11.11}
The weather has been absolutely beautiful since Saturday, and the boys have been spending a good amount of time in the backyard. This was my view from the kitchen window as I made lunch today.

Tuesday {4.12.11}
Drew's preschool does an awesome thing when school is done for the day. Instead of parents having to come inside to pick up their kids, the teachers bring the kids out to the cars. This is especially nice for me so that I don't have to tote Reed inside and down a huge flight of stairs to pick up Drew (although I do do it in the morning when we drop him off). Instead, we pull up to the door and Mrs. Bland puts Drew in the van for us!

Wednesday {4.13.11}
Both boys are very into blowing bubbles right now. Here, I was practicing making some, as Reed would say, "HUGE!" bubbles. ;)

Thursday {4.14.11}
Reed absolutely l.o.v.e.s. to be outside...risking indecent exposure just to be out there! (For the record, he is wearing a diaper!)

Friday {4.15.11}
Severe weather sent us to the basement in the middle of dinner when the tornado sirens went off. Thankfully, we have our old table and the patio chairs down there so we had ourselves a little caveman's dinner in our dark and dreary basement.

Saturday {4.16.11}
We've established the tradition of homemade pizza, eaten picnic style on the living room floor, on Saturday nights. We're currently in a 3/4 pepperoni, 1/4 cheese pizza trend.


  1. Tulips?? We have new snow - ugh! I love, love, LOVE the bubble cool! Picnic style pizza - what a fun tradition!

  2. I love seeing your spring pictures, we are trying to get spring here but the cold, rainy weather keeps coming. It's so nice when the kids can play outside and run and shout like boys were made to do. I love the car service at your son's school, how nice for you parents to get spoiled a little. Love your pizza, we make homemade ones too. Last week Sam requested pineapple on it, he eats it better that way. Thanks for sharing your cute pictures.