Sunday, April 24, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 16

Sunday {4.17.11}
The kids marched down the aisle during the processional at church today, waving their palm branches. Drew really wanted nothing to do with the whole thing, and about two seconds after this picture, he started crying for Mommy. Good thing I sit in the front row!

Monday {4.18.11}
People say they look just like their father. I just don't see it... ;)

Tuesday {4.19.11}
Mom's Fix-It Shop was open for business today. Tools of the trade: super glue, tape, and a magic potion of vinegar and water to clean out the residue from a leaky battery. I mean really, what would we do if we couldn't get that obnoxious Caterpillar song to play?!?!

Wednesday {4.20.11}
I exercised tonight just so I could eat this little piece of heaven. Aside from the whole Jesus raising from the dead to save humankind thing - this is the best thing about Easter.

Thursday {4.21.11}
An Easter party at preschool! Look at all those cute little bunnies!

Friday {4.22.11}
The obligatory post time-out apology hug.

Saturday {4.23.11}
After dinner tonight, the boys dyed eggs. It was Reed's first time actually participating, and he had more fun "stirring" the egg and pulling the egg scooper out from the dye than he did anything else!

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  1. Great pictures again this week. Love seeing how busy and active your pictures and boys are. I love the reeses eggs at Easter too, they are a must in this house