Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's Happening Around Here

Eek, I didn't realize it had been quite so long since I took my "temporary hiatus."  May 1?  Sheesh.  I didn't realize...which I guess is a pretty darn good sign that we've been busy around here.

I wanted to hop on quick just to give a little update on some things that have been happening around here...

  • This is Drew's last week of school.  Two days left, to be exact.  He's quite excited about this as he's been counting down since day 12.  Preschool, people, and we're already counting the days until summer.  My goodness. 
  • We had what I would call our first successful day of potty training today.  Reed is quite the little independent warrior, and while we feel like he is absolutely ready for big boy pants, his brain, or more likely his will, hasn't given in yet.  I will break him yet.  :) So here's to more successful potty days ahead! 
  • I have kept busy with work, and although I'm not quite reaching full time hours, the hours are varied so it tends to feel like I am gone more than I actually am.  So far this month I have had one client pass away as well as start with a new client.  Tomorrow I start 14 straight days of work.  This will not be technically full-time {34 hours this week, 30 hours next week}, but definitely enough to make me feel detached from home and my "normal."
  • Soon we will celebrate Brad's 36th birthday.  I'm not totally sure when I'll get a present bought or a cake made...
  • We continue to seek your prayers during the next month (and well, forever and ever on after that, too).  Communications are up in the job search department, so we remain hopeful and prayerful for when this season will come to an end.  Rest assured, we're doing well. :)
I told Brad last week that I needed to get back to blogging.  That I wanted to get back to blogging.  And then I remembered my work schedule. :/  I have a lot to write about and fill you all in on...and that may happen in one ginormous "Project Life" post, we'll see.  Thanks for hanging in with me and with us. 

And because I won't leave you empty-handed...

Mother's Day 2012


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