Tuesday, October 29, 2013

These Boots

{This one's for you, Uncle Justin!}

These froggy rainboots were first given to Reed in the spring of 2011.  They were hand-me-downs of my nephew's, and my parents brought them on one of their regular visits to our house.

It might be safe to say that Reed has had them on his feet ever since.

They do make quite the fashion statement, and they are very versatile.

These boots are made for...

backyard exploring

beanbag tossing...errr, tripping




and parading

and pop can smashing.

These boots are made for

going to storytime

to the beach

to the store

to the pumpkin patch

and to the Urgent Care.

They're even good in hard to reach places!

And then they bit the dust.

When the boots began to fall apart in the fall of last year, I went on a mad hunt to find a replacement pair.  I was really unsure as to exactly why Reed loved these boots so much.  Was it because they were boots, or because they were froggy boots?  I didn't know, but when it came to finding a replacement pair, I wanted Reed to love them as much as the originals.  Thus began a search and rescue mission for froggy rainboots.  I tried all of my local stores and found a variety of rubber boots...but none were frogs.  Camouflage?  Yep.  Fireman?  Sure.  Froggy?  Nope.

It wasn't until I visited a Walmart four hours from home that an appropriate replacement pair was seized, so all wrapped up and under the Christmas tree they went!

Thankfully, the new pair has been just as popular as the old, broken, tossed-in-the-trash pair!

These {new} boots are made for...

mail retreiving

puddle jumping

more shopping



and celebrating.

Quite frankly, these boots

are just too cool for words.

It's obvious by how much Reed wants to wear them exactly how much he fancies these boots.  Reed's love for the froggy rainboots has even made others love them, almost as much as he does.  Take, for example, Grammy.  While we were at her house, Reed wanted to wear his boots inside.  He had previously been wearing them out, so I told him no, he couldn't wear them inside as they were all dirty.  I promptly placed them back in the closet.  Grammy?  She goes ahead and cleans them so Reed can wear them in the house.

But I don't think anyone has stronger feelings for Reed and his froggy boots than his Uncle Justin.  So much so that when Justin asked Reed to be the ring bearer in his wedding, he requested that Reed wear the boots.

To which Reed replied, "That's what I wanted to wear!"

Now if only he'd had that red carpet to walk down...

These boots were definitely made for Reed!

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