Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Deciding upon the boys' Halloween costumes for this year was determined fairly early in the month.  I wasn't against the idea of attempting to make their costumes like I did last year, but I knew that if that was to happen, I would need plenty of time to do so.  {I did have the tiniest desire to want to make their costumes...but I gotta admit, when it was decided that I wasn't going to, I was pretty relieved!}

At dinner one night, then, it was discussed.  Let me interject, I have loved our "themed" costumes the last couple years.  The boys dressing up as a pair that belongs together has been pretty fun (2010, 2011, and 2012.)  I am aware, though, that as the boys have gotten older, they are expressing their own opinions and desires and I really don't want to squelch that.  Halloween costumes definitely fall under the whatever-you-want-it's-no-skin-off-my-back category, so I gave them the freedom to choose.

Drew was batting around a couple different ideas, when Reed, very surprisingly declared, "I'm gonna be Batman!"  Neither of the boys have been very in to superheroes.  Drew knows the most about the Avengers, but even that interest came because one of his good buddies at school likes them.  But I wouldn't say that superheroes are at the top of their favorites list.  But hey.  We had a Batman costume handed down to us (thanks, Mindy & Perry!) so that made that decision very easy!

And because it is usually the case that when one brother chooses something, the other makes a very similiar choice (especially when Reed chooses first), Drew also declared that he was going to be a superhero.  And that particular day, his favorite was Captain America.  (Thank you, Target, for coming through with that costume request!)

Perhaps not Batman and Robin, an actual crime-fighting superhero duo, but still so fun that the boys allowed me one more themed Halloween!

So a superhero Halloween it is!

The city of Midland has never been more safe.  

*Of note:  1)  I did make Captain America's shield.  Target wanted $10 for their cheapy plastic one.  With plenty of cardboard and the right color spray paint at home, we made it happen for free.  And I gotta say...looks much better than the store-bought variety!  2)  The giant Vander Waal head worked against Drew...I had to adjust his mask a bit to make it even sit right on his head, and even then he had to pull it farther down over his nose to keep the eye holes where they needed to be.  It looked uncomfortable to me, but he made it work.  3)  Yes, Drew's two front teeth are incredibly loose.  Yes, he looks like Bugs Bunny.  Kindly ignore.

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