Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Hope It's a Boy

In response to yesterday's post...

10.  Being able to say "My Three Sons."  Classic, right?

9.  We already have all the boy things.  Our bank account would thank us for bringing home #3.

8.  I quite enjoy being the {one and only} lady of the house.  Another girl in this house would mean that my throne would be usurped by an itty bitty princess.  I shall not hand over my scepter and crown that easily.

7.  Additionally, there is plenty enough drama in our home as of the moment.  I will take no more, thankyouverymuch.

6.  Having only boys in the house will significantly reduce the amount of "stuff" our home will possess.  Boys require less than girls.  And our home isn't that big.

5.  An additional chance that one of my children will make millions in the NFL, support us, send us on luxurious vacations, and buy us our dream home.  No pressure, boys.  No pressure.

4.  I will never have to mow the lawn, change a flat tire, plunge the toilet, fix the leak, and if I really play my cards right, pump my own gas, ever again.

3. I am, and will continue to be, surrounded by sheer handsomeness at all times.  As a girl who didn't date or hang with many boys, this does wonders for my ego.  {Furthermore, adding another boy to the family will further ensure my safety, care and protection for the rest of my life.}

2.  Boys love love their Mamas, in that special boys-love-love-their-Mamas kind of way.  I'll take that in triplicate!

1.  Another one of these little dudes?

Yes, please!!  


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