Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Summer List

I was inspired by Meg to create a summer list for our family.

What's a summer list, you ask?

Oh, I'm glad you did.

Meg explains what the summer list means for her family. And I took her principles and applied them to us.

For us, summertime doesn't mean anything different than any other season or time of year. The boys aren't in school yet, so there's no sense of a "break" or "time off" to give these three months any special sentiment. And there are only four of us, so there are few schedules to keep track of and hardly any other opinions to weigh besides my own and Brad's!

But I was inspired by Meg to be a little more intentional with our summer. To plan, as a family, those out-of-the-ordinary things we don't normally do. So we've created a "to do" list (if you will) for Summer 2010.

* read The Love Dare together (obviously that's just for Brad and me)

* outdoor movies

* buy ice cream from the ice cream truck

* go on a mini-vacation (just the four of us)

* visit the local parks

* have picnics

* go to the zoo

* tot soccer

* vacation Bible school

* boating on the lagoon

* make kabobs

* bake cookies

* send the boys to their grandparents' houses

* enjoy the small town festivals

* attend a Peoria Chiefs baseball game

* storytime at the library

* fly a kite

* backyard sprinkler fun

* make popsicles

*worry less about the mess (that's my own personal mantra for this summer...who cares about the messy house?!?! we've got cookies to bake and kites to fly!)

Our list definitely isn't final yet. I'm sure we'll come up with more as creative inspiration allows.

What's on your summer list? Inspire me!

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