Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Full House

Today we had the great pleasure of welcoming six visitors to our house. Four of them are age seven and under.

Yep. I said four.

A few months back, Brad's cousin Jenny contacted me about bringing her four kids to our place for a visit, just for something fun to do this summer. She even recruited the boys' Grandma VW to come along (I don't think she was hard to convince!). It was a three-hour one-way drive for them, so they definitely put in a lot of effort (remember those four children!) to make a visit. And we so appreciated it!

And had so much fun!

They arrived around 10:30 this morning, and jumped right in with playing and chatting. We had lunch, played outside, did a craft, had snacks and a movie, and then picnicked at the park just prior to Drew's soccer practice. Oh, and somehow, Jenny and I sneaked in the tiniest amount of scrapbooking. (Something is better than nothing!)

Lunch on the patio.
From the left, around the table: Drew, Grandma, Emmet, Ephraim, Eliza, Jenny, Eden & Reed

Lessons in croquet.

Scrapbooking...or something like it. (See Jenny there? Actually working while holding onto Eliza? Yep. Jenny's my hero.) :)

Grandma supervising.

From the left, around the table: Emmet, Drew, Ephraim, Eliza & Eden

I missed so many photo ops today; there was a lot going on! But this was pretty cute. It was the middle of the afternoon, and no one had any naps (except for Reed). This is Emmet lounging on the ottoman, and Drew rubbing his eyes, but they're still fighting off sleep as they lazily play with the dinosaurs.

Picnic supper at the park.


So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jenny, for coming so far and giving us such a wonderful day!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Ephraim, Emmet, Eden and Eliza, for playing so well and being so sweet with Drew and Reed. We are so glad you came!

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Grandma for coming along for all the fun! Drew keeps asking why you had to go home already. :)

We had a fantastic day!

Update: Drew slept like a champ last night, waking this morning (Friday) at 7:50. And the first thing out of his mouth? "Mama, I want to sleep." Oh, music to my ears!

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