Sunday, June 13, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 23

I promise I'm not strangling him...I'm just trimmin' a few hairs. :)
I cut both the boys' hair, and Drew, well, he hates it. He wails bloody murder at the sound of those clippers. I think I did discover today, though, that it's not the clippers that he dislikes, it's the hair that falls onto his neck and pokes him. Unfortunately, he refuses to wear the cape that will keep this from happening. "That hurts! That hurts! AAAHHHHHHHH!" We were almost completely done before he started wailing. What the neighbors must think...

My summer reading list. (I might be a bit ambitious...)

I got through to the 5th inning at Brad's softball game before I lost control of the boys. Let boys be boys, right? A little dirt won't do them any harm. :) (I love how this picture captures the mess they made (see Reed's tooshie) and the fun they had (see Drew's mouth).)

Video gaming must be some kind of boyhood rite of passage. I don't think it can be overstated how much Drew loves this game (l.o.v.e.s. it), and it goes to show that practice does make perfect. He got his first first place finish today.

Special visitors today!
Brad's cousin, Jenny, along with her four kids and Grandma VW, made the trek to our place to spend the day and play with us. We had a fabulous time, sharing meals, conversation, and toys. We hope to do it again sometime!

Also, Monkey turned 15 months old today. I'll find room in my album to squeeze in this adorable face, too. :)

Eating can be exhausting.

There was a kids carnival at church today, and both boys enjoyed playing some of the games. Reed mastered finding the hidden ball (this picture also shows Liz, one of our stellar young women at church, and also our baby-sitter!)...

...and Drew would give Bozo a run for his money on the Grand Prize Game!

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