Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reed's Turn

We had so much fun yesterday at the doctor's office, we did it again today!

Reed's 15-month well-baby check was previously scheduled prior to Drew's visit yesterday, so back to the clinic I went today with Baby Reed.

And just to reassure everyone (translation: the grandmothers!) Reed is fine. The first thing I asked was if they'd check his ears to make sure nothing's brewing, and after removing his wax (sheesh! these boys!), I was reassured that his ears look just fine. Whew!

They did the normal growth and development check on our little BIG guy.

Weight: 29 lbs 7 oz (the nurse actually transposed this when she wrote this down, and said he weighs 27 lbs 9 oz, which is in the 80-90th percentile, so I'd say he's closer to the 90th)
Height: 33 in (90-97th percentile)
Head: 50 3/4 cm (off.the.charts!)

So, he's growing great! (No surprises there!)

He got his next round of shots...

(not a fan)

...and his hemoglobin was also rechecked. (If you remember, it was slightly low last time and he's been on a multi-vitamin to try to bring it up. It was up this time, at 10.5, but still a bit low so we'll continue with the vitamin and they'll check again in three months.)

The only other thing of note was that she heard a slight heart murmur. This is normal! Don't freak out! (Grandmothers!) Dr. Hunter said that 50% of infants/toddlers have some kind of murmur that they can occasionally hear upon exam. As he grows and his heart muscle strengthens, the murmur will diminish. When Reed was just a day old, and Dr. Hunter saw him for the first time in the hospital, she heard a slight murmur then, too. It was gone by the next day. So, no worries. :)

Next visit: September 20 for his 18-month check-up.

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