Monday, June 7, 2010

Mother Nature

Mother Nature needs a new name.

Like "Meddling Nature."

Or "Pesky Little Brother Nature."

Because when the tornado siren goes off at 9:30pm, and my children are both snug as a bug in bed, the last thing I want to do is WAKE.THEM.UP!

But that's just what happened on Saturday night.


After we tucked the boys in at 8:30, our local news went into full-weather coverage for severe storms tracking their way east, towards us. And I just knew we'd find our way to the basement eventually. And we did. Both boys were fast asleep when we woke them to head downstairs. We stayed there for about 45 minutes, and thankfully, the storms passed by us without incident. Unfortunately, the surrounding area wasn't so lucky. Fourteen tornadoes in total touched down in central Illinois that night, and a couple of them tore up the town of Elmwood. Why do I mention this? Earlier in the day, Brad performed a wedding ceremony and the reception was taking place at the Country Club in Elmwood that night. We talked with the groom's dad, and they were safe, but cut the reception short because of the weather (how's that for a story to tell their grandkids someday??).

We did the best we could, in the basement, under the circumstances.

We created our own band.

Drew played drums, I played guitar, Brad the keyboard, and Reed was our dancer.

We reenacted an episode of the Imagination Movers.

It was grand.

On the way to the basement, I actually thought to myself "I should grab the camera." But some things are more important. :) So Brad's phone had to suffice.

Thankfully, both boys went back to sleep easily.

Sunday was a bit of a trying day, though, as a result of the interrupted sleep, late night party in the basement.

Mother Nature should really know better. :)

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