Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Celebrate L-O-V-E

...Hobby Horse style!

Today was Drew's preschool party for Valentine's Day. All of Drew's school parties are structured the same, and include a craft, a game (involving prizes), a snack, and then some kind of "special event" (trick-or-treating at Halloween, a visit from Santa at Christmas, and receiving and opening Valentines today). (Three or four "classroom moms" sign up at the beginning of the year to host each party. They plan and provide everything for the parties.)

They had regular class for the first hour and then their party began promptly at 10:15. There are 15 kids in Drew's class, so they split in half for the craft and the game. Then they came back together for snack and to scavenger inside their bags to see what Valentines their friends delivered.

Drew began in the craft group, where they made Valentine door hangers.

He was very proud of his, apparently, and hung it up on his bedroom door as soon as we got home.

Next: games! A Valentine version of musical chairs. Each chair had a different colored heart taped to it, and when the music stopped, you sit down. A colored heart was drawn from a bag, and if it matched the chair you were sitting in, you win! (Prizes included suckers and other candy.)

I think Drew won four or five times, as did all the other kids. There were a couple hearts in that bag that were multi-colored - everyone wins!

Back to the classroom for Valentine cookies. Reed was even invited to take part!

Then the kids spread out on the floor and dug in to their goodie bags.

The loot.

Before bed, Drew said that the best part of his day was his party, and that Mom and Reed got to come. *Awwwe.*


I've been a bit crafty lately.

I decided at the first of the year that I needed to stop saying, "oh, someday" when I find a super cute project idea either online or in a magazine. I need to just start doing them because, let's face it, there really is no "someday". Obviously I can't do everything "today", but boy do I have my creative and crafty mojo going! And I have been so inspired by so many projects, my "someday turned today" idea box is overflowing!


I kinda wanted to make Drew's Valentines this year, but I wanted to find something that would be quick, cheap, and easy for him to help with. There are thousands of ideas and printables and what-have-you online, but nothing I saw really inspired me.

Until I saw these at Inchmark. Super cute, easy to make, and totally appropriate for 3- and 4-year-olds.

I started with this, which I created in Photoshop. I simply used their custom shape tool to make a red heart just the right size, then typed the tagline below it. I printed them on plain 4x6 notecards. Five minutes, tops.

Instead of drawing eyes like Inchmark did, I decided that googly eyes would add a little extra pizzazz. I realized what a mess this would be, though, if Drew glued them on, so I cheated, and did it myself. Another five minutes.

Then I drew a little Valentine man on there for Drew to look at as a template for drawing his own.

Drew did all the rest. He had to have 15 Valentines for his class, so we did them in increments of three a day. Yep, we had to plan ahead a bit to be sure they were all done by today!

Added on a sucker...

and there you go!

(if you look closely at the above pictures, you can see that Drew gave himself his extra Valentine) :)

Happy Valentine's Day, from Drew!

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