Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day(s)

So. It snowed.
(If you hadn't heard.)

Our local school district had school cancelled by Monday night for the next day. Therefore, no preschool for Drew.

It took a little bit of explaining as to why there was no school.
Drew was pretty bummed about it.

And then when school was cancelled on Wednesday and again today, Drew was really bummed.

"Awe nuts," he said.

So white and crisp.

Brad thanks his lucky stars for good neighbors! Larry & Mario shoveled us out.

I guess the perk (or the drawback?) of living next door to work is that you can always get there, come rain, hail, sleet or lots and lots of snow.

All in all, 15 total inches fell from 11am Tuesday until into the night.
45 mile per hour winds created some impressive drifts.
We just may conquer this baby tomorrow.

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  1. It definitely was quite a storm, huh? I think you got more snow than us. You said you admired my porch swing--my hubby made it for me for this Christmas as a big surprise. You can see a picture of it on this post
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come again!