Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 6

Sunday {2.6.11}
Brad: "Rubber gloves on the farm can only mean one thing...the vet's in town!"

Monday {2.7.11}
Drew & Reed got a subscription to High Five magazine from Grammy & Papa for their birthdays, and with the first issue came this free 2011 calendar. It's filled with hidden picture puzzles and Drew just loves doing them. He's good at it when he actually tries, but often times asks for hints or clues or for Mom and Dad to just find it instead. :)

Tuesday {2.8.11}
Drew loves apples. He needs one in each hand, he loves them so much.

Wednesday {2.9.11}
I L.O.V.E. bags. Handbags, purses, totes, reusable shopping bags - you name it, I love it. I'm a bag lady. This is one of two hooks in our spare closet, loaded with my bags - the bag on the right is my most recent purchase. [Thanks for the Christmas money, Mom & Dad!]

Thursday {2.10.11}
Drew's Valentine's Party at preschool was today. You can read about it here. What's more important about this photo is that that's Gage right there by Drew. Drew tells me "We're buddies." I say Best Buddies. It's been so great seeing Drew be social and begin to cultivate friendships. These two are quite the pair!

Friday {2.11.11}
My hair has decided to protest all attempts at frugality. I, once again, require Nioxin's Scalp Therapy for my hair. Retail cost is upwards of $35 per bottle. Thank the good Lord for Amazon! (And thankfully those other four bottles in the shower cost me less than $2 total!)

Saturday {2.12.11}
The boys had a Boys Day today as I was able to escape the house to attend a 14-hour scrapbook crop with my cousin. Their adventures included games, movies, drawing pictures, reading, playing, and XBox, of course! Drew told me it was a Jammie Day (this pic was taken at 5:30pm) but Brad was kind enough to change the boys into clean jammies when they went to bed. :)


  1. LOVE your bags! I have the very same addiction. :)

  2. These are some adorable pictures about the boys. Love that he has an apple in each hand. Lucky you scrapping all day. My sister loves purses too, they are pretty. Love it when they are little and have buddies, so cute. Have another good week.