Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th of July

It just so happened in the planning of our summer that Grammy & Papa were able to join us for the third year in a row on the 4th of July. Pekin puts on a really great fireworks display, and I guess it must be top notch if my parents elect to drive seven hours to see it! Well, that and they had to return our children to us after they spent the week vacationing at their house in Minnesota. I'm not sure what the bigger draw was - the fireworks, or giving back the kids! :)

Either way, they were here, which we loved!

The first two-thirds of our day was typical - we stayed at home playing, eating and napping before heading out for the evening festivities. We had our traditional Godfather's pizza dinner, before trooping over to the park/arena/high school, where they shoot off the fireworks. We arrived there around 6:30, and staked out our spot on the hill.

Then we occupied our time with games and chatter while we waited for the sun to go down.

Oh, we also occupied our time with the occasional sibling squabble. :)

We played many games of kick croquet.

Drew vs. Papa, Drew vs. Mom, Drew vs. Reed, Papa vs. Mom, etc.

And while this is an amazing shot of my husband's back side (tee!), I was really taking a picture of the boys catching lightning bugs. Or really, Brad catching them and Drew saying "Yuck! Bug!"

At dusk, it was time to get out the glow sticks. "Yes!"

Thank you, Dollar Spot. You once again provide endless fun for my children.

There was a bit of a pre-fireworks fireworks show as other spectators shot off a variety of celebratory paraphernalia.

Our crew.

Yep. We match. Because we're that cool. And festive!

We haven't set Brad up yet with the appropriate wardrobe. For shame.

And then the light show began!
All of us got a hoot out of the boys' reactions to the fireworks!
Drew was making up funny names, and Reed's facial expressions were a riot!

{This one is my favorite.}

And in the midst of all of the boomin', bangin', hootin' and hollerin'...
we had this.

It was a wonderful way to spend our 4th of July holiday.

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