Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Food Friday #5

Today's treat met three very important criteria:
1) healthy
2) easy
and 3) even easier clean up.

Homemade Trail Mix

I raided the cupboard and created our concoction by using what we had on hand (and what I thought would taste good together).

Cheerios, Goldfish grahams, raisins, marshmallows, and chocolate chips (ok, those last two aren't exactly "healthy" but all things in moderation, right?)

I told the boys that the only rule was that they had to include all five ingredients in their trail mix. (And I closely monitored the chocolate chips and marshmallows.) :)

I poured out some of each goodie onto the counter, gave each boy a sandwich bag

and they went to town, making their own trail mix.

After the bag was filled to their (and my) liking... was time to shake, shake, shake!

{There may have been some snack sneaking along the way.}

The best part of this goodie? Portable! Although I quickly realized that I should have transferred the mix from the baggie to the boys' non-spill snack cups. Like, three times I learned that.


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