Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back from Grammy & Papa's

A tradition that the boys and I have had since we've lived here --- so, ya know, for their whole lives --- is going to Grammy and Papa's house for a week in the summer. That tradition has evolved (which may not be the right word considering it's only been five summers) into just the boys going to Grammy and Papa's house for a week in the summer. I don't recall it being an annual tradition for my brothers and I, but I do remember a few select moments when we were at my grandparent's house, just us, in the summertime. {One of those such moments was when I got swimmer's ear while we were there, and the other memory was when my grandpa yelled at me for jumping on the couch. "Do you jump on the couch at your house?!?!" Uh, no Grandpa. I don't. Sorry. Weird what we remember, huh?}

Anyway. I digress.

This is the second time that the boys have been able to spend time with Grammy and Papa at their house, without Mom and Dad around. It's a treat for all of us - the boys, Brad and I, and my parents. Although I'd say that Grammy and Papa do the most work on these "vacations"! It just so happened in scheduling our summer, that my parents were able to come here for a few days prior to taking the boys back up to Minnesota, and upon returning the kids to us on July 3, they were able to stay a couple days to celebrate July 4th with us, as well.

So the boys vacationed from Tuesday, June 28th - Sunday, July 3rd at Camp Clifton in Minnesota. I hear there was a lot of swimming, playing, and quality cousin time. I confiscated the photos from my mom's camera and asked Drew to give the commentary.

On their way...
"Reed was a little bit sleepy, and I have my soccer shirt on. Sometimes Grammy got the wrong clothes. Reed's just looking at me saying, 'How ya doing?' "

"That's when I was fixing a new road when I was at Grammy and Papa's with their building trucks."

"Reed was in his Elmo pajamas and he was fixing a puzzle all by himself."

"Addy was playing on the computer and me and Papa were playing games on Papa's computer. Papa has Tractor Power on his computer. Addy really likes computers."

"Reed wanted to play with the Elmo computer but Addy wanted to. That's when Reed and Addy were fighting over the computer."

"Me and Reed were playing in two pools. They had two swimming pools with sharks on it and fish on it and seahorses on it."

"That was when Addy was playing in the pool and she got wet."

"Me and Reed were laying down and lookin' at the sun."

"Me and Reed were eatin' ice cream out on the porch. And Papa was out there, too."

"Reed was helping Grammy doing dishes."

"Me and Avery and Uncle Justin. Avery was eating and I was waiting. Uncle Justin was waiting, too."

"Me and Avery and Reed and Uncle Jeremy went to the farm to see the animals and feed them bread."

"That was when me and Avery were looking at the duckies, I guess."

"Addy was in her stroller, walkin' to somewhere."

"Everybody was in the picture on that funny tree thing that had the funny arm at the farm still."

"Me and Avery at his house are playing baseball. I know how to play it now. You push the A button when I'm swinging and Avery's pitching."

"Reed was playing with Addy's toys."

"That's my empty plate!"

"We're just sitting and looking at mommy on the computer."

"Oh, that was the boat ride! Uncle Jeremy was the driver."

"That's still the boat ride, when me and Perry were takin' a picture. Perry didn't have sunglasses, so he wore his regular glasses."

"On the boat ride, and Addy didn't want Grammy, she wanted her mommy. I was eatin' some crackers and Perry was eatin' some Scooby Doos and Reed was sittin' in the sun."

"Perry was trying to squirt Reed while he was dumping the bucket. And I was doing nothing. And Papa said, 'No, you don't shoot people.' "

"We were watching Mickey Mouse."

As always, HUGE thanks and appreciation to Grammy and Papa! Especially all the extra driving back and forth from our house. We sure do miss our little guys when they're away, but I'm pretty sure we enjoy our time alone as much as the boys enjoy their time with you!

Now, a little shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Vander Waal: When can they come to your house?!?!?! :)

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