Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 28

Sunday {7.10.11}
Whatever they're watching really captured their attentions.
Oh man, what have I created?!?!

Monday {7.11.11}
A low-impact chair exercise group has started at church, and the boys and I have joined in on occasion. Favorite part: "chair dancing to the decades" with paper plates. :)

Tuesday {7.12.11}
Story hour at our library.

Wednesday {7.13.11}
We've finally gotten a bit of a reprieve from the hot and humid weather, and we took full advantage of it! We spent some time playing around in the church parking lot after naps today.

Thursday {7.14.11}
Another beautiful night to spend outdoors! Our park district has free family movie night at the park during the summer, and it's a fun opportunity to watch a movie under the stars. Babe 2: Pig in the City was showing. It wasn't our first choice, but it's the first we've been able to go with our crazy, weird summer calendar. The boys had a good time; although I think Brad enjoyed the movie the most. :)

Friday {7.15.11}
We had dinner with the Blands and the Carlsons tonight at the Blands' home. They have a rockin' backyard, with play equipment, games, basketball hoop, a fish pond, and a gate that walks into the neighbors yard that just happens to be the home of one of Drew's preschool classmates (who's backyard has swings, wagons, inflatable balls you can roll around in, and more!). We ate, played, and stayed out until 10:45!
(Super bad photo, yes...but I was having too much fun to stop and take too many photos!)

Saturday {7.16.11}
More outdoor summer lovin' tonight! We enjoyed a wonderful potluck picnic tonight with some of our church friends at a nearby park. It was lovely. (I took a total of two pictures...I'm relying on a friend to give me a few of hers for today's POTD.)

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  1. Great photos of your family enjoying the summer weather. We are just getting our heat wave this week. How fun that you can watch movies outside and it's free. Our library does them inside but I think the kids would like it outside for something different. Have another good week.