Friday, July 15, 2011

Craft Wednesday #6

Rain Sticks
{seen HERE}

After the last couple weeks of doing projects that required the hot glue gun, and therefore a lot of assistance, I wanted to get the boys back in on the hands-on action. I choose this craft especially for this reason. That, and I had all the supplies on hand. Love it when that happens.

Our supplies: wrapping paper tubes, rice, aluminum foil, paint, and stickers.

In the morning, we painted the tubes.

It's just easier to take their shirts off and wash skin than it is to wash their clothes. And actually, the paint we used must have been past its prime as it no longer had the washability factor. I think Reed is still sporting some orange spots on his stomach.

Then we had to wait for the paint to dry. And there was a lot of paint on those tubes, so it was going to take a while!

Fast forward past lunch, quiet time, playing outside, and supper, and we were back up to the craft room to finish.

They finished decorating their rain sticks by adding stickers.
I have quite a collection.
Childhood habits die hard, I guess.

Reed's hard at work.

I don't think there was an inch of Drew's tube that wasn't covered by a sticker.

Then I taped up one end, we added the aluminum foil and the rice, and taped up the other end.

Hello very fun and festive rain sticks! How fun you were to make!

Fun Food Friday didn't happen this week. The second half of our week ended up keeping us pretty busy, and I plum forgot all about it. That's never happened before... ha!}

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