Thursday, August 11, 2011

Graduation Day

Guess who graduated from speech therapy today?!?!

In anticipation of moving to Minnesota, our Early Intervention service coordinator, along with Alison, our speech therapist, and Carissa, the developmental therapist who has periodically evaluated Reed, met with us today to perform the exit interview from their program. Last week at therapy, Alison evaluated Reed on his speech progress, and upon scoring the test, discovered that not only does Reed no longer surpass the 30% delay eligibility mark (he was at a 32% delay when we began therapy back in February), he has reached the 0% range. Which means --- he has absolutely no delay whatsoever! He is exactly where he should be for his age!

That's my boy!


We are obviously thrilled with this on a couple different levels. Practically speaking, of course, it means that he no longer requires therapy, and therefore we don't have to go through the rigamaroll of setting up therapy services for him once we move. Beyond that, it means that our baby has accomplished an incredible feat (or at least we think so) and has made incredible strides to overcome his delay. Can you tell that I'm just a little bit proud?!?!

No more therapy, however, means no more Alison. We would have had to say goodbye to her upon moving (therapy required or not), and it was sweet that we were able to say goodbye to her today knowing that she and Reed had finished the job they started, but it was still bittersweet for me. She has been such a gift to our entire family. She is amazing at what she does, and possesses such kindness, patience, and genuine care for both her patients and their families. She gave all of us the skills and lessons we needed for Reed to succeed, and for that, we are forever thankful.

We love you, Alison!

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