Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Friends, New Friends

Minnesota has already proven itself a worthy home by its many perks {more on that in a complete post later}; among them, reconnecting with old friends.

The boys and I had the honor of spending this morning with a dear friend of mine and her two sweet children.

Missy and I have known each other since junior high (right, Miss?). We were neighbors, as our houses were across the cul-de-sac from each other, and if I remember correctly, our friendship blossomed over walks home from the school bus stop. We use to talk about stringing an aluminum can phone from her bedroom window to mine; it's a shame we never tried it. :) We've remained connected via Facebook and other technological aids, but this was the first we had seen each other since Missy got married 8 years ago. It had been far too long. We didn't lack for anything to talk about, although we pretty much felt like we knew everything that was going on in the other's life thanks to our respective blogs. :)

We met at our old neighborhood park, to allow our kids the space to play and roam, while giving us a chance to talk and catch up.

We spent much of the morning there, and the kids climbed

and dug

and twirled

and {kind of} swung (is that the right past-tense verb usage???).

Our kids didn't mingle much right away, but instead opted to play with their sibling apart from the others. We tried to encourage cooperative play so that (if we're honest) Missy and I could stand closer together to supervise and talk at the same time, but it wasn't until Missy suggested to her daughter that she pick some "flowers" that all four of the kids began to play together.

Missy's sweet girl brought her a beautiful bouquet...

...Drew brought me one, too. Kind of.

Finally getting to know each other a bit over a snack.

I would give my left leg for more moments like these.

Thank you so much, Missy, for making some time for us in your busy vacation schedule. It was such an awesome morning, and I want to do it a million more times!

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  1. Aw the can phone! :-) We totally should have done that! It was so great to catch up, Lesley! You boys are even cuter in person than via your blog. Let's do it again soon!