Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 29, 30 & 31

I've packed about a dozen boxes in the last two days, and I figured my due reward was sitting down at the computer to blog. And then I actually sat down to do it, and wanted to walk away because I just wasn't sure where to start. Never again should I stay away this long! Although the carpal tunnel I'm sure to have in the future is thanking me. :)

Let's catch up a bit with our pictures of the day, shall we?

Sunday {7.17.11}
Drew was taking an unusually long time in the bathroom this morning, and so when I peeked in on him to find out if he was okay, I discovered he was busy occupying himself with a puzzle he had brought in with him. Oh yes. Sitting on the potty, doing a puzzle. That's a new one! (I'm sparing Drew from online embarrassment and won't post the picture here...but that doesn't mean I'll spare him in the future when his girlfriend browses our family photo albums!)

Monday {7.18.11}
We took a family field trip to Normal, IL to visit the Children's Discovery Museum. It is four floors of education, exploration and imagination as children learn about their bodies, science, agriculture, music, the environment and more. This was a giant wind tunnel maze that the boys could put soft balls into to blow around. (More to come on this...eventually.)

Tuesday {7.19.11}
It's stinkin' hot here. And humid. (I don't think we went outside all week.) I would like to kiss the person that invented air conditioning. On the lips.

Wednesday {7.20.11}
My newest online obsession: Pinterest. It is a visual bookmarking tool that allows me to "pin" on my "boards" things online that I would normally just bookmark. What I love about it is that it is visual so I can find exactly what I'm looking for instead of scrolling through a bookmark tab filled with words. I also love that I can see so many ideas in one place, instead of searching endlessly across the internet. One thing that it has done for me is help me define my style in terms of home decor/design. This is going to be great when we find a new home! :) Now I just need to spend less time on Pinterest and more time making some of the things I've pinned! (If you're interested in seeing my boards, click HERE.)

Thursday {7.21.11}
The boys have been enjoying vacation Bible school this week at church. They are learning all about God's love for them via a group of crazy pandas and other such wildlife. They're both having a great time!

Friday {7.22.11}
We were surprised today to find Drew's picture in our local paper! He has been enjoying the summer Fun Friday program at Hobby Horse, and there were two pictures in today's paper of his class - with Drew front and center! I'll use these for today's POTD.

Saturday {7.23.11}
If you were ever curious as to the damage five women can do on a weekend meant just for the girls - chatting, eating, laughing, and shopping - this is it! Another super successful and super fun cousin's weekend with my girls!

Sunday {7.24.11} - Friday {7.29.11}
A week of vacations - the boys at Grammy & Papa's house and Brad and I in Las Vegas. I'll likely do two different spreads in our album with favorite photos of our week, and I'll post a bunch of pictures here, too, of course. Someday. :)

Saturday {7.30.11}
Today we attended the wedding of my dear, sweet friend Laura. The five of us girls (Jenni, Angie, Laura, Allyson and I) were friends in high school, and it had been 10 years or so since I last saw most of them. It was a beautiful wedding, and a wonderful time to reconnect.

Sunday {7.31.11}
My dad acquired an insane amount of Legos, and Brad got a wild hair to "organize" them by shape. He did this by building towers of like blocks, doing so until 1:30 in the morning. I guess boys never do grow up, huh?

Monday {8.1.11}
Today, and every other day of the boys' vacation, is captured on my parents' camera, which I neglected to upload to my computer before leaving their house. I think I took a total of two pictures on my camera at their place once we got back from Vegas on Friday. I'm sure they'll have something usable from the boys' adventures to fill in for today. :)

Tuesday {8.2.11}
On the road again, headed back home.
Reed's banter from the backseat went a little something like this:
"Drew, watch!"
[Drew looks at Reed. Reed scrunches up his face and laughs. Drew laughs. Repeat.]

Wednesday {8.3.11}
After being away from home for 12 days, it took the boys approximately 3.7 seconds to get reacquainted with their toys. Every.single.one of their toys.

Thursday {8.4.11}
This has got to be the boys' favorite show to watch with their dad. Tonight, as they watched a DVR'd episode, Drew created his own Wipeout Zone with his legos. Sometimes I'm so surprised, and impressed, with his creativity.

Friday {8.5.11}
In preparation to move, we had a garage sale to unload some of our excess (and super old) furniture, toys, and other unnecessaries. We didn't sell as much as we hoped, but got rid of everything nonetheless as we donated the remainder to Goodwill.

Saturday {8.6.11}
I found these two sitting here quietly this afternoon. I didn't want to disturb this sweet brother moment, but it was quiet time...and Mama needed a break!

Whew! That took waaaaayyy longer than it should have! Apparently I have some rust to shake off when it comes to typing! Hopefully I'll be back again soon with more to share...but don't hold your breath. :)

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